Our Story

Founded in May 2010, Bergamot Massage is a partnership of two East West Healing Arts Institute graduates (Deanna Wise and Seth Knutson) with a similar vision: create a relaxed, spa - like environment where healing can happen. To that end, we are selective about our massage therapists and service professionals. While many massage studios hire independent contractors, Bergamot Massage invests in its therapist employees and creates a solid team of massage and service professionals with a single goal in mind: providing our clients with a premium massage experience. In addition, we only use the highest quality body care products in our services because we know that what goes on, goes in!

Why choose us?

At Bergamot Massage Therapy & Bodywork we:

  • Are local. We are not a franchise and the owners are massage therapists, working alongside their employees.
  • We pay our therapists well and are mindful of their care, providing them with a free massage a month which can be scheduled any time. This, and other perks, ensures greater satisfaction in our clients.
  • Give you the full hour (as long as you're on time!). When we say 60 minute massage, that means actual massage time--not 50 or 55 minutes which is industry standard.
  • Use high quality oils in our services which are free of parabens and petrochemicals, are never tested on animals, and are nourishing to the skin. These cost us a bit more than other commercially available oils and lotions, but we think it's worth it.
  • Provide clients and customers the opportunity to purchase high quality organic products for face and body and tools for pain relief so they can extend that feel good post-massage experience at home.
  • Launder our sheets in detergent free of petrochemicals and do our best to source cleaners which are not harmful for the environment.
  • Want you to come in and enjoy some tea and maybe a sauna session with (or independent of) your appointment. Just come sit and sip and relax.
  • Would love for you to tell us how we can serve you better. Email Info@bergamotmassage.com or call 608-831-5885.