Employee Product Pick Of The Month


Every month we choose one employee to pick their favorite product in Bergamot’s boutique. This month our lead massage therapist, Casey chose CryoDerm.

Why is Cryoderm Casey’s Pick Of The Month?

“I use Cryoderm for clients during massage sessions on high tension areas and for myself at home. Almost every night after work as part of my self-care routine I spray it on my forearms before bed to help with any fatigue or soreness. CryoDerm helps keep any tension that I have at bay.

CryoDerm holds some similarities to other muscle pain relief products because it uses Menthol derived from peppermint oil which causes a very soothing cooling feel. It also contains Arnica and Boswellia which are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties.”

- Casey



Based in Margate Florida, Alternative Health Care Ventures (AHC Inc) DBA CRYODERM specializes in the development and delivery of scientifically researched natural remedies designed to address acute and chronic pain. CryoDerm incorporates a mixture of peppermint oil, arnica oil, eucalyptus and more to offer an effective and safe pain relief product. At Bergamot we carry CryoDerm in a spray, gel and roll-on.


Spray (4 oz) ~ $16

Gel (4 oz) ~ $16

Roll On (3 oz) ~ $16


More About Casey

Casey graduated from Capri College in Dubuque, IA, in June of 2012. She quickly began her massage career at Bergamot Massage and Bodywork in November of 2013. She feels the vibe from the owners, therapists, and the establishment itself is what attracted her to start at Bergamot.

Casey believes in a holistic approach to healing and offers up her own Swedish - Thai fusion massage to each of her clients. In her free time, she likes to cook, play video/card games, read, and spend time with her dogs, Merry and Pippin.