Employee Product Pick Of The Month

Hempfield Muscle Recovery Cream

Every month we choose one employee to pick their favorite product in Bergamot’s boutique. This month our talented massage therapist, Jacqueline chose Hempfield Muscle Recovery Cream.

Why is Hempfield’s Muscle Cream Jacqueline’s Pick Of The Month?

“I use Hempfield's Muscle Recovery Cream frequently for sore muscles, especially my neck and shoulders.  I love to apply it immediately after getting out of the shower when my muscles are still warm and pliable.  It has a very subtle scent and no sticky residue, unlike many products that I have tried.  It also has CBD oil, which works to remove achiness and promote relaxation.  This product is also very affordable at only $19.90 a bottle!  I definitely recommend it!”

- Jacqueline


Hempfield’s Muscle Recovery Cream

When mild to moderate pain is keeping you from being as active as you want to be, Helpfield’s Muscle Recovery lotion is here to save the day. Its aromatic formulation of cannabidiol (CBD), hemp oil, menthol, spearmint, aloe, and pink grapefruit peel oil helps ease muscle, joint, and nerve pain and inflammation. Lightweight and easily absorbed, Muscle Recovery provides fast, effective relief. Use it and show pain it’s not the boss of you!




More About Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a graduate of Madison College’s Therapeutic Massage Program, and has been with
Bergamot since August 2017. She practices Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, hot
stone, and loves to experiment with a variety of other modalities. Jacqueline believes massage is the
perfect balance to the stress and demands of modern life, and is working towards making the world a
better place – one massage at a time! She loves to customize each session according to your specific
Besides massage, Jacqueline also loves visiting her family, knitting a never-ending circle of unfinished
scarves, getting outdoors with her husband, or reading a good memoir.