Local Business Spotlight

Infinite Warrior

September 2019


Every month we choose a local business that not only excels in positively impacting our community but offers an experience or product that can make a difference in our clients' lives. This month we have chosen to highlight Infinite Warrior. A company that strives to promote positive energies in the world with every piece by combining the use of natural elements with their own Inspiration and that of the creator.

“Truly quality products and lovely store owner. Infinite Warrior not only creates handmade pieces all in the US, but they’re conscious of the community as well! Highly recommend”
— Ashley Hoff

This shop offers unique, hand-crafted pieces made by the designer herself in a private studio in Milwaukee. The designer’s goal is to promote positive energies in the world with every piece by combining the use of natural elements with her own inspiration and that of the creator, she looks to them to entwine with the intentions of the wearer. It's not uncommon for people to think that physical things are not the true elements that heal; but rather it is the intention and focus of energy which heals or has an effect of the healing outcome.

All of Infinite Warrior’s pieces feature semi-precious gemstones. Each stone has its own unique energy property that holds a different meaning to each unique individual and they are paired with the metals that will compliment them for the desired healing properties and energies. Without realizing it, we are all carriers of the gift of intuition.

“Many of my fellow yogis intuitively select the colors or stones that they are drawn to without realizing the energies until after they receive their piece. Many are fabulously overjoyed that they have selected a stone or combination that reflects the energies they unknowingly have been seeking”

- Maria



Maria Panno is the founder and designer of Infinite Warrior. A Hawaii-trained yoga instructor, entrepreneur, mother, wife & friend to many, Maria’s lifestyle is as mindful as it is real. Infinite Warrior is Maria’s tangible extension of her soulful, communal and warm approach to love & life.

Founded in 2014, Infinite Warrior has built a zealous following from every beautifully created piece of jewelry Maria designs. Her keen eye for style produces yoga influenced, boho-chic jewelry for daily wear. With an exceptional empathetic energy, Maria is able to recognize her customer’s personal journeys, and design with those in mind.


Want to try some of Infinite Warrior’s Pieces for yourself?

Visit Bergamot Massage’s boutique

Weekdays 9:00am-9:00pm
Weekends 9:00am-6:00pm


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