Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do I wear in the sauna?  A:  You can wear gym clothes if you like, but we will provide you with a towel to wear while in the sauna.

Q: Is the sauna safe for everyone? A: The sauna is safe for most people, but if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or have a fever you should not use the sauna. This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you have concerns you should consult your healthcare provider.

Q: What do I do for the 30 - 45 minutes in the sauna? A:  You can meditate, read, stretch. If you have a Netflix account you can watch Arrested Development (or something).

Q: Can I schedule a session independent of massage? A: Of course! But if you should decide to sauna and massage, we will give you a robe so you can transition to your next service.

Q: Is it hard to breathe in the sauna? A: Nope! Unlike a steam sauna, infrared heat does not use moisture and breathing is not an issue.

Q: Is the sauna communal? A: Although our sauna will accommodate at least 3 people, your sauna session is private. You may share your session if you like for an additional 10.00 per person.

Q: Sauna then massage or massage then sauna? A: It's all up to you, though if you have lots of tension to begin with heat is a good way to prepare for massage.