Employee Product Pick Of The Month

Vibe natural gemstone necklace

Every month we choose one employee to pick their favorite product in Bergamot’s boutique. This month our receptionist and Director Digital Marketing, Christina chose Vibe’s Natural Gemstone Necklaces.

Why is Vibe’s Natural Gemstone NECKLACES cHRISTINA’S PICK?

“I bought an Ametrine Vibe Necklace a month ago and absolutely adore it. The necklace itself is elegant, soft and the way the light catches the stone is always breathtaking. I chose Ametrine because I have always felt connected to Amethyst and Citrine (I might have multiple surrounding my plants at home) and Ametrine is created when Amethyst and Citrine form around each other, creating a beautiful crystal with purple and gold.

The necklace is easy to take on and off and is made with an adjustable bead so you can adjust the height to your preference. I also love that all necklaces are handmade in Texas!”


Vibe Natural Gemstone Necklace

One-of-a-kind, mindfully handcrafted necklaces. Made with carefully-curated natural gemstones & silk. Each one is hand-knotted and fully adjustable. Every piece comes on a beautiful custom card, handcrafted from fine sustainable papers & containing the meaning of the featured gemstone.



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More About Christina

Christina is Bergamot's Assistant Director and Director of Digital Marketing along with front desk reception. She has been working for Bergamot since Fall 2016 and loves being able to interact with our clients every day.  When she is not working at Bergamot, Christina is a freelance photographer (Beyond Infinity Photography) and is currently training to be a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

During free time she enjoys spending days by the lake, reading and finding unique local businesses/spots in Madison with her friends.

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“You know when you smell something and it transports you to a memory from long ago? The heady scent of bergamot does that to me. It brings me right back to quiet mornings across the dining room table from my father, who always starts his day with a cup of Earl Grey, a black tea heavily flavored with bergamot oil. 

The neural connection between scent and memory is incredibly strong, and when used intentionally, can be a powerful addition to any self-care practice. I still enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, but when the mornings are warm, I love having this essential oil on hand, to ground me in my morning routines and get my day started right”



“I use Hempfield's Muscle Recovery Cream frequently for sore muscles, especially my neck and shoulders.  I love to apply it immediately after getting out of the shower when my muscles are still warm and pliable.  

It has a very subtle scent and no sticky residue, unlike many products that I have tried.  It also has CBD oil, which works to remove achiness and promote relaxation.  This product is also very affordable at only $19.90 a bottle!  I definitely recommend it!”



“I use Ancient Minerals Magnesium Goodnight Lotion on my hands every night before bed. I love that it’s not scented or greasy which is great because I don’t want to leave hand prints all over the house. The lotion has just the right amount of melatonin in it allowing me to wake up refreshed in the morning.

My doctor and occupational therapist have both suggested I include magnesium daily but taking magnesium orally can upset my stomach and this is the perfect alternative to that”



“I use Cryoderm for clients during massage sessions on high tension areas and for myself at home. Almost every night after work as part of my self-care routine I spray it on my forearms before bed to help with any fatigue or soreness. CryoDerm helps keep any tension that I have at bay.

CryoDerm holds some similarities to other muscle pain relief products because it uses Menthol derived from peppermint oil which causes a very soothing cooling feel. It also contains Arnica and Boswellia which are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties”