At Bergamot Massage we go the extra mile. When we say 60 minute massage, we mean 60 minutes on the table (industry standard is 50-55 minutes). If you receive one massage a month for a year, that's 2 more massage hours than you would receive other places. We are also happy to give you focus where it's needed--because it's YOUR massage.


15 Minute Chair Massage -- In and out. Ready for the day. $20

Wild Lime Scalp Treatment -- It's amazing how much tension is held in this area, but 30 minutes of focus plus a neck and shoulder massage is pure magic. (Please note: messy hair is an unavoidable side effect. You may feel so good you might not care.) Invigorates the hair and scalp with avocado, tangerine and lime. $54 Wild Lime Scalp Oil is available in the lounge for enjoyment at home.                                                                                         

Peppermint Foot Treatment -- Tired, aching feet? Try this intensive treatment focusing on pressure sensors in your feet and calves to encourage energy flow and release tension. 30 minutes. $54 

Bergamot 60/75/90 -- Full body relaxation? Upper body focus? It's your massage--say the word! $80/$100/$115

Lavender Blossom Relaxation 60/90 -- This massage includes a calming, lavender infused oil--the perfect remedy for insomnia and stress. $85/$120

Alpine Arnica Workout Recovery 60/90 -- A blend of warming oils (arnica, rosemary, basil and bay laurel) are used to relieve muscle soreness and promote deep relaxation. $85/$120

Deep Forest Detox Herbal 60/90 -- Cleanse and rebalance the body with evergreen notes of balsam, fir, pine and juniper with a splash of Sicilian bergamot. Great for the lymphatic system. Effectively combats decongestion. $85/$120

Mineralizing Hot Stone Massage -- This massage utilizes hand-crafted black granite stones to promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviate stress, relieve pain and improve circulation. 60, 75 or 90 minute options. Pairs well with Alpine Arnica oil for deeper penetration and relaxation. $100/$115/$130

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap -- This anti-inflammatory, mineral-rich treatment with potent herbal extracts helps remove toxins from the skin. Juniper essential oil eliminates excess fluid, angelica essential oil improves lymphatic drainage, and ume plum firms the skin. Goes on clear and smells lovely! Pairs well with The Sauna Session for a deeper detoxifying treatment. 60 minutes. $95

Massage + Scrub

Renew yourself with hot towels, a bit of buffing and massage. Consider adding 15 or 30 minutes to these services for more massage focus.

Lemongrass & Mimosa Body Scrub -- Walnut shells and bamboo powder gently remove dull, dry skin while lemongrass, mimosa, jasmine & ylang ylang relax and energize. A massage with Sicilian bergamot lotion, rich with aloe, soothes and nourishes. 60 minutes. $95

Lemon Verbena Body Polish -- Fresh lemon and gentle buffing grains are blended with stimulating extracts to soften the skin. This exfoliation deeply nourishes and revitalizes. Session concludes with a moisturizing full body massage using ginger root oil, an excellent anti-depressant to calm the parasympathetic nervous system. 60 minutes. $95

Espresso Mud Body Scrub -- This rich mud scrub combines sweet, earthy notes of Coffee Arabica and sarsaparilla with volcanic pumice and black silt clay to exfoliate the skin and help remove impurities. A massage with spicy citrus Sicilian bergamot lotion relaxes and hydrates. 60 minutes. $95



The Sauna Session -- Enjoy up to 40 minutes of bliss alone or with a friend in our infrared sauna. Book as a standalone or with another service. Loosens tight muscles, increases circulation and relieves pain. This is a dry, gentle heat and is a fantastic option if you feel a cold coming on, or any time you need a dose of well-being and a little peace and quiet. Heats between 120 - 160 degrees. We provide you with water, towels to wear, an infused towel for after sauna, and products for freshening up, if desired.

Pairs perfectly with body treatments for warmth and for deeper detoxifying. $35