Signature Membership

Joining our 12 month Signature Membership offers a great discount on massages and 10% off all products! We offer a 60 minute membership for $60 a month and a 90 minute membership for $95 dollars a month. The fee is always applied on the first of the month and you will receive one prepaid massage to use. Any additional massages purchased that month are still at the membership rate and if you end up not being able to use your monthly massage, it will always roll-over for you.


luxe Membership

Join the luxe life. Members of our 12 month Luxe Membership receive all the benefits of the signature membership PLUS an optional monthly sauna session and Oil/Scrub Upgrades. Pricing for the luxe membership is $85 dollars for a 60 minute membership and $120 for 90 minute memberships.



Massage Series

                     Get the best bang for your buck with a massage series by buying in bulk at                                                               a discounted rate. Massages expire after 3 years.

Massage Series Pricing

3 Series

(60 Minute/90 Minute) - $210/$315

6 Series

(60 Minute/90 Minute) - $390/$600

12 Series

(60 Minute/90 Minute) - $720/$1,140


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