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Hike, Heal & Hum

Hike, Heal & Hum offers a taste of four different practices that have been used as preventative medicine by cultures across the globe for centuries. We combine forest therapy, yoga (courtesy of New Sky Yoga), sound healing and Reiki for a total mind, body, spirit cleansing. We start out connecting as a group at the trailhead, taking time to center ourselves, offer gratitude to the day, and "shake off the road dust" before we embark on a mini-forest bath. During the forest bath, we will engage in a series of sensory invitations that will surely ignite our curiosity and deepen our personal connection to the more than human world. During the forest bath, we will engage in some yoga postures or asana to enhance the practice. Eventually we will come to a space to lay down our mats and practice a few restorative yoga poses together in the great outdoors. While in resting pose or Savasana, you will be guided into a deep meditation led by a blending of healing sounds from singing bowls and pyramids to open our 7 main energy centers, called chakras. During the sound bath, Reiki Master Krista Pfohl will come around to offer hands-off Reiki, or life force energy healing. After the entire sequence, we leave time for questions and group sharing. The entire experience lasts 3 hours in total, depending on the group size. Previous guests have left using words like "relaxed," "rejuvenated," "peaceful," "inspired," and "elevated" to summarize their experience.